Things Currently Depending on Me for Survival


1.  This little bag of bones. I routinely throw the ball for her and initiate games of  “Haunted House”, where I turn all the lights off and then jump out at her (she loves it, I promise). I even continued to love her when she decided to add a little something extra to my I-have-the-house-to-myself weekend by pooping wetly in large quantities in various places around the house while I was sleeping.


2. Our garden. We just went on stage 3 water restrictions which means we have to hand water so…nothing is safe from my overwhelming desire to over-water.


3. This bamboo plant that my sister-in-law bought me for Christmas. Although, to be fair, I think it might be a fake plant.


4. This aloe vera plant that I snagged from a neighbor for free. I’ve named it Jesus because it likes to play little games with me where it looks like it’s dying and then it comes back to life.  Not funny, Jesus.


5. This guy. Could he take care of himself and live on his own? Absolutely. Would he use the dryer as his dresser and eat two tomatoes for dinner? Yes. Also, just to clarify, he is not on drugs in this picture (or any picture or any time ever). He’s simply enjoying a s’more while wearing a headlamp on our camping trip where it rained and we left after 12 hours.


6. This succulent. Yes, I only have one but I decided to include two pictures of it because the plant looks like really dastardly in the first picture. It’s like normal cute plant and its’ evil twin.


7. This is the newest member of the Beth’s Roster of Sustenance. I’ve taken on the task of brewing kombucha, which is essentially fermented tea. You have to get a culture from someone (a little bit like sourdough) and then you brew tea, add the culture, and let it sit out for a few weeks while the culture turns the sugar into deliciousness. The “culture” is called a mother and I’ve been having lots of fun with that.


Incidentally, I found some really great brewing jars (made in USA) and some air tight storage jars (made in Germany) at World Market. Okay, brewing your own fermented tea is totally weird. I know. But I’ll have the last laugh when I’m enjoying my home-brewed, antioxidant rich super summer refresher. I’m sure there are some more blogs about it to come. In the mean time, I followed most of these directions here.

Also, I know I said that I was going to start a blog series and then I went two weeks without blogging. It’s on my radar, I promise, we’ve just been insanely busy for fun reasons with will be disclosed at a later date.

3 thoughts on “Things Currently Depending on Me for Survival

  1. Beth – – I’ve been reading your blogs and they’re wonderful! Make me laugh out loud like crazy, and also feel cut deep, and also release a few tears or so! Keep it up! And blessings on your growing family! 🙂 You and Alex will be/already are WONDERFUL parents! 🙂

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