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Welderbeth’s Bi-Weekly Distractions

I’m starting a new series over here where I can collect all of the things that have intrigued me via the interwebz for the last few weeks. The title says “bi-weekly” but, uh, don’t hold your breath. Enjoy!

– Pathos’s blog post “What Would Jesus Make of “Passion” (Conferences)? Dare I say a thoughtful critique of Christian mega-conferences? I don’t hate mega-conferences, but I think this author made some valid points.
Prodigal Magazine article “The Gay Community and That One Time Jesus Called Me the ‘N-word’”-  This post is so grace-filled and humble I could just cry. (WARNING: The author quotes some disturbing comments that were made to him that have way-inappropriate language. You’ve been warned)
-I looked at these pictures and then climbed on top of  a ladder to paint. Yikes.
-My good friend Joe showed me Good Guide, which rates companies and brands on a HOST of different factors. They don’t have everything but if you’re trying to live consciously, you might want to check them out.
 –This adoption video is off the chain, a perfect picture of what adoption should be- in it for the kids.
-In case you missed it, a guest post that I wrote made it onto Rage Against the Minivan. Pretty exciting! Check me out!
-Friday was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day- Here’s an excellent video with a story from a survivor who has turned her pain into an awareness tool. 1 in 5 pornography images is that of a minor. Store the National Human Trafficking hotline in your phone 1.888.373.7888
Look at this cool store in Denton. Scrap accepts donations of craft items (fabric, old easels, corks, etc) and then resells it. I’ve already been once and my knitty husband wants to go again!
– Let’s wrap this post up the right way with some hilarioius linguistic charades. This makes me feel a little more compassionate for our students. Translation is hard! Feel free to sing along, if you can. (PS- Watch their other videos too. It’s a pretty cool organization!)
Happy distractions!

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