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Five Years

Today marks my fifth wedding anniversary. Five years! Aren’t we supposed to receive porcelain or beanie babies or something weird for our fifth? You guys have until the end of the day to celebrate us properly.

I had to describe how we met to the home study worker and I had trouble doing it without sounding like a lunatic. “Well, we had only known each other a month before we decided to get married and we were engaged two months after that…We’re sane- promise!”

I asked Alex today if he felt like it had been five years. He said, “It does but it doesn’t. It’s gone by fast, but I feel like these past five years have been a huge chunk of my life. It’s hard to remember a time before you.” I seconded that.

These five years have been a true adventure full of fun people, weird duplexes, cute dogs, odd jobs, changes of plans, trips, sleeping, eating, dancing, laughing. No wonder they go by so fast.

Literally, from the moment that we met, Alex has just fit into my life. Since that first second, it’s felt like he’s just always been here. He’s my encourager; my comic relief; my sounding board; my best friend.

I’m feeling super-blessed today.

What do you think?

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