Love and Marriage

Sister Wedding Recap

Well, the wedding was last weekend. I want to say it’s weird that my sister is married but it’s not weird. It feels just right.

The wedding went off without a hitch and man, was it beautiful. I’ve noted that my family is notoriously emotional but I would say that we all held it together pretty well. I even had to make a “speech” so that I wouldn’t be shown up by the best man at the rehearsal dinner and while I decided that I could only say about seven words dry-eyed, I was able to say my toast and sit down without crying in front of Leah’s new family.

On the day of, I was most concerned about my irrational fear that I would lose Tyler’s wedding ring between the walk-in and the exchanging of the rings and I would have to forfeit my Aggie ring to him (but that didn’t happen). So, we were fine, until I turned to walk down the aisle on Saturday and Leah and dad both had tears in their eyes. Then, well, can you blame me? I think I looked fairly normal walking down the aisle but once I got on stage, Leah’s oldest friend, who was standing next to me, started to bawl which means I had a full-frontal, ugly-face, bawling attack (can’t wait to see pictures…NOT!) and the little quarter of a paper towel I had stashed with my bouquet wasn’t going to fix it. As everyone stood up to turn and look at Leah, I turned to Kristen and said, “If you don’t stop crying, I’m going to punch you in the face.” She responded with something equally inappropriate and we both started laugh crying but it gave us enough levity to stop openly weeping in front of 300 people.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception. Now, these little people are ready to move on to the Nashville chapter of their life together. I couldn’t be more excited!

To God, the author of perfect love stories. 

(That was the toast that I came up with. The best man had about two pages of heartfelt sentiments. Mine is cheesy, but if I said anything more personal than that, then there would have been a crater from the explosion of emotion that would have resulted.)

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