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DC Day Two

I'm jealous of the public transportation in D.C.

We limped over to the Metro to ride to the Eastern Market. Alex’s knee pits were on fire and I was walking on blisters to meet my friend, Emily, who’s lived in DC for about 4 years.  After looking around at the market, we walked towards the Capitol and met up with a friend of Em’s. We wanted to eat at a dim-sum place called Ping Pong, but unfortunately, they were closed until their water was “restored”. So we ended up at a tapas place. This was my first jaunt into this Spanish food and I was not disappointed. It was delicious!

(Short side note: The same week that I met Alex, I went on a blind date with a customer from the dry cleaner’s. We ate Chinese food- he offered me edamame and I threw up in my mouth and I got chicken stuck in my teeth on the first bite. Anyway, he had been to Spain and was telling me about all the things he did there. I thought he was talking about “topless” bars that he went to “all the time” and I had to stop him. “Excuse me, are you saying ‘topless bars’?” (with an implied “because if you are, we can stop this right now”) and he quickly explained that he was talking about tapas bars. Good save!) 

After that, Alex and I rode the metro to rest our poor little feetsies to the Holocaust museum where we then stood in a 30 minute line only to be told that we couldn’t see the museum for another 1.5 hours. We wandered around some of the other exhibits but unfortunately, by the time we got to see the actual exhibits, we were in a near comatose state.  The museum is so powerful and well done. Unfortunately, it was marred by stupid junior-high kids who obviously don’t understand the gravity of what they’re looking at and parents who thought it was a good idea to bring their 3-year-olds into an exhibit about one of the most horrific events in modern human history.  Seriously, people, show some respect.

After the museum, I begged Alex to let us take the Metro, even just for a little bit. We went back to the hotel and rested. Then we caught a bus to Emily’s house (an adventure for us car-reliable people) and got off too early because we were scared to miss our stop. We wandered around in a scary neighborhood until we found her house, where she treated us to delicious, homemade pizza, salad, and a small glass of wine. It was nice to sit around her table and share a meal.

I'm working on getting the recipe. It was seriously good pizza!

On the way back, we didn’t have enough money so we walked. It only ended up taking 25 minutes and we enjoyed getting to see D.C. on the ground.

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