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The ugliest thing

My friend Emily can walk into a store and find the most expensive thing in about 10 seconds.

My sister can spend 15 minutes in a store and walk out with the 15 cutest pieces of clothing.

I, on the otherhand, do this thing where I walk into a store and am immediately drawn to the UGLIEST thing, like a moth to a flame. To my knowledge, this began when I was on my way to Colorado one time with my family and we stopped at an Indian store somewhere in New Mexico. I was drawn toward this mustard yellow and ivory leather purse. I spent half my trip allowance on it. I was really excited about it in the store. Once I got out to the car, I took a breath and looked at it again. Uh-oh. What did I just do?  Well, I bought an ugly purse. That I still use today sometimes because I love it so much. It’s a purse only a mother could love.

Today, on my lunch break, I went to a vintage/resale shop and that little saleslady talked me into walking out with what might be the ugliest pair of pants ever. They fit well, which should tell you something. It’s the color that bothers me. A nice mix between mustard and baby poop. I think she pushed me to buy them because her boss had told her, “No one’s every going to buy those.” Why do I think that? Because as soon as I bought them, she ran over and told him that she had just sold those pants without any need for further clarification.

I’m going to rock those trousers tomorrow. 

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