Life with Jesus


Well, we’ve had a glorious two days (make that three tomorrow!) off because of this gross winter weather. Since Alex is still in the job searching process, he’s home and stress-free so we’ve had fun. Here are some things that I have done with my time off:

– Woke up at 5:00 am on Tuesday to see if Dallas ISD was closed. It was. Then I was too excited so we got up and walked the dog and ate breakfast.

– Watched two documentaries about the shadiness that went down (is going down) in Iraq

– Threw the ball for Gracie on the ice so that she slid around. What? She needs to learn how to walk on ice.

– Had a Just Dance battle with Alex to get some cardio. My personal favorite was seeing him excel at “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

– Obsessively checked the Dallas ISD website on Tuesday and today for school closings the next day

– Napped at least twice, maybe more

– Woke up at 5:00 am this morning because my nose and throat were all dried out. The space heater had sucked ALL the moisture out of the air. It was like trying to sleep in a desert. So I took a bath and liberally applied lotion to my face before going back to bed.

– Used the Netipot (see above)

– Got a most excellent footrub from my husband

– Had a good number of also-iced-in neighbors over for dinner

-Wore mismatched socks because I lost one

– Had the water shut off, after the rolling blackouts, mind you, for approximately three hours. We went and surprised Lori and Sabrina to bum some water off of them in our wilderness survival container. Of course, by the time we came back home, it was back on. Whew, close one.

– Bathed and brushed the dog

-Started Radical by David Platt. It’s about how the church has been taken over by the “American Dream”. Pretty good. It echoes some of what I’ve been feeling the past few years.

– Been thankful for this much needed time off. Yay for unexpected holidays!


I hope all of you are staying safe and warm as well!

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