Life with Jesus

My Cup Overflows

Some of my favorite times spent with Alex are when he is laughing at me. Let me rephrase. Some of my favorite times are when I make him laugh- like when a neighbor jokingly asks if I want some chewing tobacco, and I say, “Heck yeah, I swallowed my plug this morning” or I rap about my day or I call other drivers tootie butt farts or I make Gracie a blanket that makes her look like a footstool or I do a funny walk into the kitchen to get some Benefiber. . There is something about the times when I make him laugh that makes me feel loved, delighted in.

One of the best cinematic examples of God’s love is in the movie Evan Almighty. I know, I know- shouldn’t I be saying Passion of the Christ or the Ten Commandments or something? Even though it doesn’t get it all right, Evan Almighty has some serious truths about God and how He feels about us. My favorite scene is this one: (at least the first minute or so). I love that Morgan Freeman, who plays God, is clearly delighting in His creation, Steve Carrell’s character. It’s such a great picture of how I want my relationship with God to look like (PS- the reason it doesn’t always look like that is my fault, not His).

It’s easy for me to forget that God delights in me. Sometimes I feel like He sees my fear of wet paper and inability to make it through a Biggest Loser episode without crying  and my dwindling aversion to vegetables as weird quirks that need to be ironed out. But I really think that He sees those things and laughs with  me. I just need to remember that.

For the Lord takes delight

in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation.

Psalm 149:4

Ah, I am a woman well loved.

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