Life with Jesus

From the mouth of babes…

I recently had an adorable 6 year old student whose family moved into our transitional housing program at Genesis. I was asking him about his new digs and he was telling me all about how many bedrooms and how many beds and their new couch and then he said,

“And the bathroom…it is SO beautiful.”

After which, he paused to let the enormity of the bathroom’s beauty sink in.


I’ve seen that bathroom. It’s nothing special, but I’ve seen alot of bathrooms.

How do I get back to having the amazement of a six year old? I know that Dallas is an extremely friendly far cry from the isolation of Northeastern metroplexes like NYC, but maybe the big city has dampened my ability to be impressed.

Perhaps, I should convince Alex to move to someplace like Happy, TX or Dead Horse, Alaska so that I can once again be amazed by the Rainforest Cafe or traffic on 75. I’ll let you know.

What do you think?

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