Life with Jesus

Be thankful….or else

The summers at Genesis are every kid’s dream. We usually end up getting a fair amount of funding for summer festivities and so we choc the schedule full of movies and restaurants and museums and zoos and bounce houses. The funny thing is that after a while, the kids get so used to all the “fun” that they end up critiquing the activities we’ve planned. “We didn’t get enough tokens. That was so lame. The waterpark was WAY better.” At that point, we have a chit chat about being thankful and impose the “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” rule.

From an early age, my grandmother drilled appreciation into me. I was (and still am) expected to send a thank you card after every gift. When I was five, I had the

Dear ____________,

Thank you for the __________. It is so great.



Those were the days.

Anyway, despite how easy it is to be appreciative toward people, I somehow fail to appreciate God and what He’s doing for me. I realized tonight that I had a hard time being thankful for three things that God had done for me today (excluding all the normal things like husbands and jobs). That is ridiculous!

I think the key to being thankful is remembering that I don’t deserve any of this (which requires HUMILITY- Yay! Another one of my strong suits!). It’s something to work on, me thinks.

Is you thankful today? Is you?

What do you think?

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