Life with Jesus

I’ve rediscovered my homeless buddies. By chance (okay, I don’t believe in chance but you know what I mean) I ran into Johnny B, the handicapped black man that rocks my face off, on the street one day. He told me where the men at the shelter were living (since the mens’ dorm at the shelter burned down). I went yesterday to visit and take toiletries. Joe and I went back today. We took water and fans. Then we played a game called “Piddy Paddy” that Johnny taught us. It’s awesome- ministering to the homeless where they’re at. Being the hands and feet of God. Here’s how thankful I am…alot.

If you want to help [i.e. buy and take stuff there, send money so I can buy stuff and take it, or just plain hang out] gimme a call.

4 thoughts on “

  1. 1) made me worry that all of my friends had lost their creativity gene and couldn’t make up some sort of response.
    2) i really do want to go and help you at the shelter. that sounds amazing. i live super duper far away. if i come up there for a weekend, we’re totally going and helping the homeless. deal?

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