Life with Jesus

So the results are in.

I think my pastor reads my mind because the sermon this morning fit my problem to the T (or M). It was about overcoming temptation and how Satan gets us in the small things. For example, I can definitely stay away from sex but impatience gets me every time. I realized that I have not been taking responsibility for my sin by blaming it on circumstances or others. When I did that, I stop myself from being able to confess my sins because “they’re not my fault.” Yeah. Yeah they are.

Also, just thinking about my week, I realized that I need people to call me on it. I need that accountability because I can’t do alot of things by myself. I need people to call me out when I gossip or am mean or impatient. I need to be reminded that others around me realize what I’m doing so I should too.

God has really humbled me/ knocked me off my high horse/ taught me about myself today. It’s good but it hurts. I hope it continues…

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  1. today in church, our priest talked about confession and sin….thats pretty ironic.

    I hear ya, people holding us accountable is a great thing…but as you said, excuses will sometimes get in the way. Ultimately only we can hold ourselves accountable on things people can’t really see.

  2. We can only control our reactions to what goes on around us. Beyond that it’s someone else’s problem.
    But it’s pretty hard to stay in control of jealousy, impatience, pride, and all those other sneaky little sins. Good job on recognizing the need to change how you react.
    Have a wonderful day.

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