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So I went walking today at the park and I took my rio mp3 player and in all my self-contemplation, I put into words something that I had known about myself but never been able to express. I don’t have my own music style. I steal/borrow from other people. So I decided to give credit where it is due and list where my strong music influences come from. If I’ve ever listened to music with you, then your name is probably listed:

Steve Queen (junior high youth director): News Boys, Audio A, Jars of Clay, Sonic Flood, dc Talk, Five Iron

Madison Middle School: Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Ace of Bass

Korey: Brave Saint Saturn, John Reuben, Weezer

Rebekah Y: Regina Spekktor

Joe: Cake, Jimmy Eat World, Weird Al

Shane H: Derek Webb

Andy H: Moulin Rouge

Joe/Ryan: Kelly Clarkson

Ryan: Toby Mac

Chris B.: Dave Matthews

Steele: Copeland, Death Cab, Radiohead, The Decemberists, The Shins, Cool Hand Luke, Kings of Convenience, Pedro the Lion, Sufjan

K Sweat: Shawn McDonald, Mae

Josh: MuteMath

A Hog: Jack Johnson

Leah: Paul Wright, Five for Fighting

Elizabeth: The Afters

Aubrey: Dashboard

B-Rooke: Frou Frou, Michael Jackson, Sixpence

Rebekah W: Michael Buble

Thank you, my friends, for broadening my horizons and making me a cooler person in general.

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  1. i can’t believe i contributed to your musical preferences…i feel so honored to know that you and i share a love for michael jackson, frou frou, and sixpence (<<which i actually began appreciating after miss welch introduced me to their music)

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