Life with Jesus

I believe it’s in the movie Hope Floats where the grandmother says, “My cup runneth over.” I love that phrase. And right now, in this moment, it is true. My cup does runneth over. God has blessed me with a group of people to support me that I could not have asked for. I love that everyone I have in my life right now has a different function and they all operate in my life in different ways. My cup runneth over. Thank you, Jesus.

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  1. hope floats was filmed in s-ville. my s-ville. the big house in the movie is my friend caitlin’s house. 2 houses down is this other giant house and it has the historical landmark thing in front of it. well, my friend chelle lives across the street from THAT house. after school we’d sit in her kitchen eat, do homework, and occasionally watch people take pictures of the wrong house. sometimes, if we were feeling extra nice, we’d open the window and tell them that the hope floats house is 2 houses down.

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