Life with Jesus

Well, you didn’t know this but I’ve been performing an experiment the last couple of days to see if I could actually live by myself.

The answer: Yes, I could but I would be so BORED all the time it wouldn’t really be worth it. I have watched alot of tv lately and I don’t even really like tv.

The truth is, it’s nice to have the place to yourself for a couple of hours but I miss the company. I would rather have  my roommates than a spotless, lonely apartment.

Joe and Ryan are coming tomorrow. The boredom ends there.

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  1. i think i’m gonna get an apartment for just me for next fall, but i love being alone…for days on end. i’m great at it. plus, i’ll have my max. also, yes, there has been more than one concussion in my life. there was a tubing accident. very traumatic.

  2. rebekah and catlin are coming friday. party anyone? yes, please. i’ll bring the pinata and my nkotb tape, the rest is up to you.

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