Life with Jesus

I’m sorry for the blah entries lately. To be quite honest, that’s how the quiet times have been lately. Consistent but blah. Consistently blah.

I think I just get into this “Bible” rut where I just aimlessly search the Word for something to motivate me or something that I can “do”.  Then I realize that that’s not really what I should do my quiet times for. I want to know God, not memorize endless lists of things that are good and bad. I want freedom in the Lord.

Last night, I talked about Wyle Baptist’s “following stories” which are essentially things that you have done for the Lord or that the Lord is doing in Your life. I talked about how the Holy Spirit should lead us and when we finally make decisions based upon the Holy Spirit, cool things happen. Like taking girls home from the library. I told my girls that living life being guided my the Holy Spirit should not be boring. It’s exciting to be called out of your comfort zone and have to fully depend on God. It’s exciting to pray about a decision and then expect that God’s going to use you based on what He tells you. That’s what I lack; that’s what I want. When I talked about this specific part of the Christian life last night, I got filled with the Holy Spirit and words just fell out of my mouth. I stopped them, but I don’t know why. Next time, I won’t.

Life with Jesus is exciting.

What do you think?

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