Life with Jesus

So last semester, I had these plants that I obsessed over and annoyed my roommates over and watered obsessively and dreamt about in my sleep. Let’s look at some pictures of them now:

Talk about a waste of time. I guess this is what Jesus meant by that whole “store your treasure in heaven” thing. Lesson learned.

Now it’s time for a fun game of find the dead bird:

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  1. Sweetheart, if you can’t take care of something as simple as houseplants, what on earth makes you think you are ready to take on the task of another person? You know what they say…Buy a house plant. After a year, buy a pet. After two more years, if the house plant and the pet are still alive, then you’re ready to get married. I’m just saying what they say. You know what they say, and I’m just saying it.

  2. i’m real sad….don’t smash my santa goblets because you hate them…they know you hate them and they will fight back. I hope the home is in good shape..i am coming to it soon, like friday…be there waiting with a banner that says my name…

  3. Haha. Believe what you want Beth. Are you trying to convince me or yourself? See you Thursday.

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