Life with Jesus

I just got done shopping with Caitlin and Leah at the Mall. The last four minutes were very exciting. Leah was going to try on this bathing suit because she had never seen a bikini top shaped like it before. Turns out that they were the bottoms.  Then we were walking out of JC Penny’s and in the foyer there was an old lady that was bending over her bags, having problems. It looked like my friend, Sylvia Patterson. So immediately I started toward her and bent over to help her with the bags and said, “Hello, Sylvia Patterson.” Then the woman looked up and it wasn’t Sylvia. I actually realized that on about the “ter” syllable of the last name. I was already pusing Caitlin out the door and I gave the woman a quick “Hi” to cover all of my stupidity.  I wasn’t embrassed. It was an honest mistake. At the Academy parking lot, I thought I saw Mike Malm but I didn’t say anything, which is good cause it wasn’t. I’m so excited to be back in Abilene that I just think I know everyone, I guess. Oh well….

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