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I think alot of times God tells us to do something and we do it, but  not willingly. We grumble about it under our breaths, we only do it half heartedly, we find the quickest and least painful way. This happens with me mostly when I want to be socializing but God is calling me to go sit with the uberquiet person or go take care of the dishes. It’s hard for me to force myself to leave a group and look, dare I say it, different than everyone else.

In LUke 9 (towards the end), Jesus illustrates how hard it is for people to follow him. The first man said that he would follow Jesus, but Jesus knew that he was saying that without doing his research. Never in the Bible does it say that being a disciple is easy. Following Jesus requires going against your desires sometimes. Jesus called the second man but he said, “Wait, Lord. Let me go bury my father.” When Jesus calls us into action, we have to be ready. If we don’t the opportunity will be lost. Also, if you are using excuses to not follow the Lord, He knows your heart and doesn’t accept excuses. The third man said, “I’ll follow you, just let me say good-bye to my family.” When you choose to follow Jesus, you are choosing to leave your old life behind completely. This is really important because so many people don’t think that letting Jesus come into their heart is life changing. It’s a life REVELATION. Nothing should be left the same. The Holy SPirit comes in and burns everything up and makes it holy and righteous. There’s not parting words with your sinful behavior. Don’t worry. I bet it doesn’t mind.

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  1. You have so much great deep wisdom. But are people listening? Do they just listen with deaf ears? Do they just smile and nod and agree with you in good Christian ways? I do wish more people listen, I do wish even in my own life (like all) that areas in my heart, soul, and mind would listen, yet the disease of sin still corrupts, those areas refusing to listen. But it’s only by God’s only Son, we can do it. You inspire me, and encourage me in every post. God Bless-Anthony

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