Life with Jesus

I haven’t gotten to write about the two fruits of my ministry that come in the form of precious girls.  

Last week at TCM, I got to talk to Audrey, a tiny Burmese woman who’s here visiting family.  She was adorable. She put her corn in tea because she didn’t like the pepper on it.  She wants to be an interior decorator so when I asked her what she thought about the Cafe, she whipped out a vase with dead flowers in it and plopped it on the table. She carries a vase around with her so she can always have something pretty to look at.  I told her I would take it and buy some fake flowers so that they won’t die.  She asked me to write my name and number (while crazy man-er, Truman, that’s his name- was talking to me and laughing until he was CRYING- no joke)  and then in Burmeses above it, she wrote “Come and see me at the shelter!”.  Pretty fun.  The best part though was when a girl from the kitchen came out to get something. Audrey asked me what a hairnet was called then she asked if she could have one. I went back to the kitchen and asked Larry if Audrey could have a hairnet. He gave her a whole stack.  When I took them back to the table, she put one on, laughed, was embarassed, tried to take it off, got more embarassed. It was stuck on her earrings. I had to go help her get it off.  So, yes, she’s my new favorite friend at the shelter. 

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take one of my junior high girls to lunch at the Hullaballoo on A&M campus. It was pretty flippin’ awesome.  I picked Kimmi up at her house and then we went back to campus and before we had even gotten to my dorm from the parking lot, she asked if we were to lunch yet.  She had been to campus before on a scavenger hunt so she showed me everywhere that she had been.  When we walked into the MSC, the first thing we saw was Reveile, A&M’s mascot. Oh, she thought that was just the coolest thing.  Then she was amazed that we had video games at the Hullaballoo and we got cheese pizza and it harkened back to the days of Carly.  We sat and ate and had a good talk. At one point, the walkway was blocked, so I crawled across a booth in a skirt to get to where I wanted to go and Kimmi walked away like she didn’t know me. Then we got some ice cream and decided to walk to the Century Tree. Well, Kimmi’s ice cream started melting and it got on her white pants and she said, “Awww, biscuit!!” Then I assured her that it would be okay. She also kept saying, “Man, we saw Reveile!” and I told her that if we saw her/him again, it would be mighty lucky. So of course we saw good ole’ Rev again and Kimmi got even more excited. Then I took her back to my dorm and we played two rounds of Pretty Pretty Princess with Ms. Elizabeth.  Then I took her to Wal Mart cause I had to buy a watering can for K Sweat’s geraniums (?) and we did the secret-leave-the-gift-on-K’s-car-but-her-car-wasn’t-there-so-we-left-it-on-her-doorstep game but only after getting hopelessly lost and embarassing Kimmi at least twice with my dancing skills.  Then on the way back to her house, this boy pulled up beside us and she promises that he flashed me the peace sign (which means he’s in love, duh).  When I dropped her off, she said, “I’m glad we did this, Beth.” and it made me Happy!

So there are my first fruits of ministry. 

(PS- This weekend also presented me with the fun opportunity of knowing someone at Military Suprlus has seen my rearend because the stupid door to the bathroom doesn’t lock.) 

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