Life with Jesus

Well, last night I was insane. This week has been very stressful (running around from activity to activity) and thus, I have been exhausted. For those of you who don’t know me, my filter from my brain to my mouth disappears if I don’t get enough sleep. Josh and I were reading 2 Samuel 13. The subheading was Absalom kills Amnon. Well, we got to talking about Absalom’s name and in my head I was thinking (Ab-salon – like a workout machine or something). When I was ready to continue reading, I said, “Let’s keep going. (quoting the “subheading”) Absalom gets a makeover.” Then there was silence. Had Josh not doubled over laughing, then I probably would not have realized that I said such a silly thing. I laughed for about 14.4923848374 minutes and it still makes me smile. I truly wonder what my brain was thinking. Oh well…have fun reading the Bible. It’s so possible.

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