Life with Jesus

So I got to ride in the passenger seat with my cousin for the first time and I liked to mess with her alot. At one point we had the windows down so that I could talk to people walking by us in the mall parking lot, and the wind was so strong that it picked up her parking pass to get into her dad’s housing complex and flew towards my open window. With my lightning fast jujitzu skills, I caught the paper in the crook of my elbow just in the knick of time.  It reminded me of the time that Andy Hothan and I were going antiquing and he put his wallet on the dashboard of his car. We rolled down the windows cause it was hot and when we turned left onto Treadaway, the wallet gracefully slid down the dashboard and right out the window. We had to stop and dodge speeding cars to run to the middle lane to get at it but don’t worry, we lived.

I was thinking about it and sometimes we have the kind of faith that looks fine when nothing’s happening. Life is perfect, you’re going to church, read your Bible…then God puts your life into gear and things start moving. Unknowingly we’ve put our faith on the dashboard of a moving car with the windows open.  When things get hard, our faith isn’t well placed and it may slide out the window.  My point is that we need to secure our faith before tribulation occurs and we have to watch our “hard work”  slide off the dashboard. We need to put our faith in Christ, not in going to church or simply reading the Bible. Build your faith on a rock, or for this example, in a cupholder. 

What do you think?

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