Life with Jesus

Yesterday was eventful. We finally found an apartment, the Polo Club (don’t let the name fool you- it’s not for rich kids). The one the managar promised us was going to be newly refurbished and painted and everything! Then, Chris, Joe, and I went to the “Tater shack” for dinner and got big potatoes for two dollars! Then Chris and Joe got ice cream. The lady said, “Are these checks going to be together or separate?” Chris said (of he and Joe), “We’re together.” Then we went to the fightin’ Texas Aggie baseball game. Chris parked in Russia so it was already in the first inning when we got there. Then we sat in a wind tunnel with all these high school kids and only Joe had brought a jacket so we huddled. The Aggies won, of course, but I wasn’t impressed with any team’s batting average. It seems that there was alot more swinging and missing and foul balls and “oops” from the crowd than anything else. Maybe that’s just baseball though. Towards the end, my fun stopped when the feeling in my toes stopped. I was ready to warm up. We went to see the movie Hitch. I recommend it. Good date movie. Well, today is the Cajun cook off and I have to go to Wal Mart to buy some stuff.

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