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Thirty, Turdy, and Thriving

I don’t really like descriptive words that end in “y”, so I would never use the word ‘flirty’ to describe myself. Also, I’ve literally snot-bubbled in front of cool kids and trapped my acid farts in the car of a boy that I liked so…I would never use the word “flirty” to describe myself, even if I did like words that ended in “y”. Let’s try ‘awkward’ instead.

Turdy fits, though.

I have gained the self-awareness that I can be a turd, am often a turd, and will probably continue to be a turd. Hello, my name is Beth and I am a turd and today is my 30th birthday.

In my thirty years, I have realized that the greatest thing I can do is look for the kingdom of God in my life and drag people into it, if need be (lots of times, they drag me into it). I think that community is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Without it, I really am not sure that we would not be able to experience God as fully as we do now. We would just all be turds, running around poking each other.  When community happens, we become less turd-like and more God-like. When we learn to love each other, and love each other well, we experience in the flesh all of the best parts of God. His steadfastness, His self-sacrifice, His love, His humor.

I am crazy thankful for all of the human gifts that God has given me over the years (read: You people). You push me to see things differently, you ask me to examine my own turdiness so I can be less turd-like, you point out the non-turd-like things you see in me and, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, those things seem to come alive in me. You offer grace and mercy and forgiveness to this turd.

I have had a fantastic 30-year-thus-far life. Thanks for being a part of it.

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