Life with Jesus

Et. al.

I was trying to think of a coherent way to tell you everything that’s gone down lately but I couldn’t so I’ll just list them. Thanks and gig ’em.

-At work this week, I asked a customer if he had a last name, to which he replied, “Yeah, yeah I do. Doesn’t everyone?” Then yesterday I was sitting up front near the window and when I opened the blinds, the “Yes! We’re Open/ Sorry, We’re Closed” sign fell out of the window. I put it back in, then got up to stand at the counter while no one came in. Forty five minutes later, a man comes in and asks if we’re open.  Apparently, I had put the sign up saying we’re closed and people were pulling up into our parking lot and then leaving. Oops. At least I got my Christmas bonus before this little fiasco.

-I really like this verse: Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. Isaish 43:18-19 That was one of the verses/blessings that were read over Alex and I at house church last Thursday.

-Some of us house church people took Johnny Brown, the homeless guy who has an apartment now, to see Bethelehem Star, which is a scientific presentation about the star that led the wisemen to Jesus. At the end, Mr. Larson was sharing the gospel and Johnny, who had been drinking a little, started to speak in tongues…..loudly. Incidentally, he would also purposely make snoring sounds when the lights would go off so we could see the screen better. This experience just reiterates the fact that I love the homeless because they keep life interesting.

-I went to Northgate as the designated driver this past weekend with Andrea, Emily, Heather, and Kristin. We spent pretty much all day looking for appropriate club wear for Beth but didn’t find anything because they think what I picked out was ugly and vice versa. I ended up wearing something mildly appropriate (although it didn’t have any sparkle on it, which Emily said was necessary) but I think I shot it all to pot when I put my earplugs in at the Corner. It was loud and I value my hearing above semi-impressing tipsy people with my cool appearance.

-I got a physical this week at my mother’s behest. I had to go in for lab work, which was a traumatic experience in itself, but I survived. Apparently the only thing that’s wrong with me is a  little earwax build up and a “facial infection” (i.e. a zit, call it what it is, doc).

-I got my first C ever in Eastern European History. The professor was dry, the material boring, and the final consisted of filling up an entire blue book with crap that I had studied the entire week prior. Good riddance…

-I have a new God analogy, currently. I did something this past week that I would like to know the reverberations of sometime in the future. But as I was praying to someday get to see the fruit of this action, I realized that it wasn’t so that I could pat myself on the back. It was more like a chess game, and I am a pawn. God used me and I just want to see how He wins the game. There’s alot more if you think about it. Every chess piece is created for a specific purpose and can only move in specific ways and God knows each of those ways. It’s technically a battle, just like we’re battling spiritually here. There’s more, I’m sure.

-I’m enjoying being engaged. Alex is adorable because he’s really proud of the ring (as he should be). When we went to play racquetball, he said, “Will you please take off your ring?” before I could even put on my goggles. I love that boy. 🙂

-Speaking of racquetball, I’ve been playing by myself almost everyday at the Rec. Only one sweaty boy has asked if I wanted to play with him, to which I politely declined. I’m practicing playing it left handed because I don’t want to have lopsided arms. Coincidentally, when I play with my left hand, I end up hitting myself in the throat/face area.

-Apparently, because I live in Bryan, I live in the ghetto. Whoop for the ghetto!

-I’m searching for programs to do in Spain now. It’s a long drawn out process and I’m already tired of it. Ich.

-I sewed 8 pairs of mittens this week. Six of them don’t fit the hands they were made for. Good thing I’m not a professional seamstress. I also made a skirt out of men’s long sleeved shirts. Be jealous.

-Emily and I discovered that expensive tissue paper from Hobby Lobby smells like throw up and dirty socks all mixed into one. Of course, we did this as we were laugh/crying and continuing to wrap her presents in it.

-A customer brought in elk meat as a Christmas gift. I got really excited and started to jump up and down yelling, “Meat! Meat!” Kimmi and I made elk burgers for dinner before caroling and they were delicious.

-I had the opportunity to join the Barnes’ at their annual family reunion. It’s at a community center 20 minutes west of nowhere. Kirk’s mom has 10 brothers and sisters and most of them were there. There were like 75 people and they were all related, except me. The food was delicious and I was awkward. That is all.

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