Life with Jesus

So Stuart, my viral eye infection manager, made my dream (in the previous entry) come true. My new name is Beth “Pink Eye” Feemster.

Oh yeah, you can also call me ringworm arm, arm, and leg.

I was worried about not being able to make friends with Kindergardeners but now I can relate to them because we all have the same infections. Anyone wanna give me lice?


[EDIT: Let me make it clear that Stuart in no way maliciously gave me pink eye. He did not hunt me down on campus, tackle me, and rub his eye germs in my eye in anyway. Actually we prayed and held hands. It’s holy pink eye.]

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  1. Beth, My Sincerest apologies!!! But as a recommendation to you, try Similasan healthy relief for pink eye relief…it works wonders! And I woke up this morning, day 2, and day 2 isn’t apparently near as bad as day 1, so just make it through the day my friend! Again, I’m sorry!

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