Life with Jesus

So here are some fun things that have happened since I’ve been in A-Town:

-My dad has a new joke. He starts opening and closing his jaw like it hurts and then he says, “I have dogjaw. Have you ever heard of it? Feel it.” Then you reach your hand to feel it and he acts like he’s going to bite you.

-I babysat with Leah at church on Sunday. The kids said:

               – My vagina hurts

               – Every baby should have a name and that name should be Charlotte.

               – My real name is Diego (said by Max).

              – Earlobes taste like cherry peach.

-I got to eat breakfast with Jessica Stover. Yay!

– Mom and I shopped until the point of near exhaustion on Saturday; however, I have almost everything I need for Syria good to go.

-Dad still watches Cops. Some things never change.

-Leah got 1st place in the Border Olympics. (She’s a polevaulter).

– I decided to skip instead of running today at the park. Two people sitting on a park smoking complimented me on my joyous exercise and one old lady called me a show off (she was just joking).

-I decided that if I was still a child, Missy Elliot music videos would give me nightmares.

What do you think?

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