Life with Jesus

18. I truly despise the word supple. I think I really like the word furlough.

19. Until yesterday, I went to the same pediatrician that I’ve had my entire life. Why the sudden change? The nurse thought I had brought a little kid named Elizabeth to the doctor’s office. The shame and embarassment of not only having to tell the woman that I was Elizabeth, but having to share a waiting room with a kid that picks his nose, drove me to make my decision. It’s time for a big girl doctor.

20. I have a weird fear that toilet germs are going to get on my toothbrush so I always try to cover it up.

21. My grandfather was invited to try out for the Philadelphia Phillies in his younger years.

22. I got a Tuberculosis test shot yesterday. You’re supposed to watch it to make sure it doesn’t swell up. I circled it on my arm with a pen.

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  1. i left my pedi when i was in middle school. big girl doctored for YEARS now. its not so bad.
    annnddd, your weird toothbrush fear is understandable. tests say that when there is uh, fecal matter in a toilet and it is flushed with the lid up, small particles float into the air. true story, keep that B covered up.

  2. i still see my same pediatrician too…i had to go there over the break and i decided that was the last time i was gonna go to him. the nurse was talking to me like i was 5 or something…it was pretty funny. i think i’m like the only patient there that was born in the 80’s.

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