Life with Jesus

I would like to propose a toast to all the people that have really made a difference in my life this year:

To Jesus, my best friend, Savior, and life. Without you, I am nothing. You have taught me more than I could have ever imagined and given me more than I ever could have wanted.

To my dad who is committed to ministering to hard-to-love people. Your passion for the prisoners is moving and your heart for the mentally challenged is admirable.

To my mom, who is on the mission field every day as a science teacher. Thank you for being a teacher that cares; they’re not as common as you might think.

To my sister, who has willingly put herself in positions to share the gospel and has taken advantage of them; who has chosen to be a good role model in college despite other options not to.

To my boi, Josh, who has really challenged my faith and made me grow in the Lord. Meeting you was life-changing. 🙂

To Joe, for your commitment to study and carefully decide what you believe and why. I appreciate your drive to not accept what people say just because they said it.

To Jonathon Pickrel, for always being inspirational and barbaric in your faith.

To Rebekah Y., for your honesty about who you are.

To J Sto for your courage to grow closer to God through your struggles rather than abandoning him.

To K Ruther for your ability to share in others’ joys and your patience with God about school and jobs

To Emily U. for your constant lifelong friendship

To Rebekah W. for being patient with me

To Elizabeth for always being willing to talk about Jesus

To Kelli Sweat, who never seems to be upset. I admire your faith and patience in trying to find a new life plan. I admire your love and devotion to our junior high girls.

To Derek Nease for always being an encouragement.

To Carly, who never ceases to amaze me with her faith that God will place her where He wants.

To Lydia, for her courage to pause schooling to answer a call to India. You’re amazing.

I am so blessed.

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