Life with Jesus

So, I have been tagged twice in one day with this crazy new form of xanga chain letters. I propose doing both at the same time and then tagging only five people. Capiche?

Lydia’s Five

1. Today, in true barbarian fashion, I gave a complete stranger a ride home from the library. It was a young girl who was going to have to walk home. My mouth opened and I said, “Could I give you a ride home?” She said, “And you are?…..” Then I said awkwardly, “Hi, I’m Beth” and she gave me a limp handshake. Her name is Ashley. She accepted and I gave her a ride back to her apt. She likes dogs. I smiled the whole way home.

2. I used to not wear jewelry. Now, true to Rebekah Young form, I wear long and bulky things that overpower pretty much the entire outfit. Love it.

3. Speaking of, I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t spend more than five dollars on necklaces. Sounds cheap, but it’s possible.

4. Jars of Clay’s song, Fade to Grey, is perhaps my favorite song right now. Actually, it’s neck and neck with that Underoath song that I can’t think of the name right now.

5. I watched a scary movie at J Sto’s apartment on Sunday night. It wasn’t really scary but it was about an insane murderer. It made me scared to drive home alone at 1 am. I had resolved to just not stop the car and run red lights (no one was out) but that didn’t have to happen.

Matt’s 5

1. Tonight my family went on a Christmas lights tour as put on by my father. It was in the poorer neighborhoods of Abilene because he says that they’re more interesting. I thought the fact that our entire family was wearing Santa hats during this tour was more interesting.

2. I used to want to go to seminary. Now, I’m not so sure. I really want to move overseas and start a coffeeshop in a college town. That means getting a Masters in Business management. Cool job. Boring degree.

3. I remembered today this phrase: slap nasty wicked awesome. I believe it belongs to Korey but I’m stealing it.

4. I’m getting a chair massager for Christmas (that is, a massager that you can put in any chair, not one that massages the chair). How do I know? Mom told us not to look in the back of the car during the lights tour tonight so we did. And it’s the only thing I asked for.

5.  I’m a closet artist. I love taking pictures and painting but I’m not great at either.

Okay, now, these people that I list are supposed to give five things and pick five people and then leave comments on those people’s xangas.

Steph F.

J Sto.

Bekah Y.

Leah K.

Taylor W.

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  1. I will bring some schnecken to the polo club. It’s like a bit of heaven rolled up in cinnamon-y sweet goodness.

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