Life with Jesus

Today I read in Luke 10. The section that I studied was when the seventy two messengers that Jesus sent out to heal and prepare people for HImself came back. They were so joyful. They said, “Lord, the demons came obeyed us in your name.” I’m sure there was lots of dancing around and jumping. You know what it’s like when the Holy Spirit just fills you and you can’t stop moving. Anywho, Jesus’s response to this is “Hey, good job but don’t rejoice because you chased demons out of people, rejoice because you belong to me.” Hey- that means all the time. We have the freedom to rejoice simply because we belong to Him. We don’t have to wait til we’re perfect; we dont’ have to wait until we lead someone to Christ; we don’t have to wait until something amazingly spiritual happens. We can ALWAYS rejoice in whatever circumstances. My prayer today was that I would take advantage of that truth and that you will too!

What do you think?

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