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When I was younger, I was a hothead with a  bowl cut. I would get mad about EVERYTHING. Learning to tie my shoes was the worst. I would mess up and then say, “I’ll never tie my shoes ever!” and then I would swear off shoelaces for the rest of my life and just wear flops (which coincidentally….). My mom taught me to say, “I’m not mad at you, I’m just mad at the situation.” Yes, anger was rampant. I think it’s because I was fat.


The book of Jeremiah is pretty much God showing his wrath on the Israelites because they have turned from Him. He goes into detail about how He’s going to hand them over to their enemies and they’re all gonna die and no one will be alive to bury them and other equally horrible atrocities. I mean, God seems pretty upset. But because this is the Living Word, I can feel an underlying tone. I feel that God is truly saddened. He’s hurt that His people have chosen stone and wood over his love and protection. He is mourning the loss of his beloved.  He is disciplining His children but He would rather delight in them. What an awful thing to know that every time I sin, I hurt God this much- that under the Old Covenant, God would have struck me down. Just more motivation to follow him closely.

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  1. help me see God the way you see Him. i cant and that breaks my heart. i long to find the love in the bad situations and all i can see is the horror. help me search the old testament and the new to discover God’s underlying love. i cant do it myself anymore.

  2. Beth–I wanted you to know that your Uncle Kenneth & I are praying for your family.  Ben was like a father to Kenneth for most of his life. I know sometimes it’s harder to deal with NOT knowing what’s going on.  Your uncommon faith and trust in God as our Savior will be your hand and your guide.  Just like it has been for Ben.  As difficult as this all is on a personal level… we have to beleive God has blessings for us even now.  God’s Peace be with you, your grandfather and your family.  If there is ANYTHING we can do, Martha knows how to reach us. –Suzanne

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