Life with Jesus

Today I have a poignant essay with a point. Okay, Jesus said at a the end of a number of his sermons, “Those who have ears let him hear.” Pretty much, that means that if you’re capable of listening and doing, then you should. It’s your obligation to having the Word presented to you. Well, Jesus definitely walked the walked and talked the talked. What happened when the soldiers came to arrest Him? Someone cut off one of the soldier’s ears. Not his fingers, not his nose; his ear. So then, what does Jesus do? He picks up this ear (gross) and puts it back on the man’s head (again, kinda bizarre). “He who has ears (even if I put them back on) let him hear.” Don’t just instruct, equip. Jesus won’t just instruct us, he’ll equip us too.

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  1. i noticed that too the many many times he says those who have ears let him hear…i mean…God does nothing by accident.  i just hope i listen before he has to like throw something at me…

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