Life with Jesus

24. I planned Valentine’s day this year. What did we do? I burned a CD of good danicn’ songs and Josh and I danced in a parking lot outside. Our favorite step? Freestyle.

25.  When I get stressed out, my body responds by giving me canker sores in my  mouth. I can’t help it at all. My junior year, I got an award at the Senior Awards assembly and they didn’t tell me what it was so I was nervous. I was so nervous that I accumulated so many canker sores that it became difficult for me to speak without a lisp. Yeah, I’m that cool.

26. I don’t tan. I red.

27. I used to never wear a watch until I bought one. Now I have to know what time it is.

28. I had biffocals in the third grade. Then my eyes got better. Then I wanted glasses so my eyes got worse again. Now I just have reading glasses. Sigh.

29. Almost all of my food has “bones”. It’s a part of the piece of food that has  a different consistency than the rest. French fries, rolls, hamburgers, and yes, bananas have bones.

30.  A mi me encanta el idioma de espanol. Yo quiero ser una misionera de adulto.

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