Life with Jesus

Okay, so here was my day yesterday. I got up and went to go see my friend Sam Goff, whose 1 year old son just recently got his cranuim shaping helmet off but now has a broken leg. Then I aced my philosophy exam and Justin and I left class through the back door (Justin was really scared!) and I got to go see the FLIC shack.  Then I came back and I had the good intentions of going to Anthropology but I couldn’t get ready in time so I didn’t go, of course.  Then, Spanish and Sociology, nothing new.  THEN, I walked over to Rudder, where I met Rebekah and Kelli to wait for will call tickets for 42nd Street. It was lots of fun. We talked about playhouses and parents and whatnot, you know, girl things.  Then we stood in line for the tickets and the girl behind us said, “I’m not going to get in an argument or anything.” but we knew that she wanted to. There was also an angry Chinese lady behind us. They ran out of tickets right before us but we were told to wait because they might have more.  And they did, 4 perfect ones. YAY! Then I went and ate dinner at RUmors, while they watched me eat. Kelli and I dropped my back pack off at her car (Kelli was wearing khaki pants and a tshirt, I was wearing those Old Navy cut off cargo jean shorts with a gray shirt, a white cardigan, and a silver broach- i heart broaches- so we decided that my giant backpack wouldn’t help us any in the clothing department). We were on row O so of course we went to the exact opposite end of the theatre and we had to climb across people’s laps to get to our seats which had other people in them! We talked to an usher, who talked to another usher, who talked to the manager. They had printed duplicate tickets (we were really upset. we had payed good money for those seats- none).  So we were escorted by the manager to the director’s box, which is at the back but it’s above everyone else and we rested our heads on the banister. Old ladies sat behind us and made comments about the plot really loud and we decided that would be fun to do someday.  Kelli brought candy so we ate that. The show was amazing. One of those  shows that inspires you to learn to tapdance. Someday…. Anyway, as Rebekah and Kelli and I were walking to Kelli’s car, Kelli said, “That was the best zero dollars I’ve ever spent.” and of course, we all agreed.

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