When I find a good blog, I like to sit and read it for hours. Sure, you can go through it chronologically but I really love a good blog series. So, that’s how I like to blog. Below, you’ll find links to some of the series that I’ve worked on/am working on. Enjoy!

T-Shirt Series: My sister went to Thailand and brought me back some amazing t-shirts. This series blogs through the message on each shirt.

Unsolicited Advice for My Sister: Just one bossy older sister offering pre-marriage advice to her younger sister who didn’t ask for it.

Dear Daughter– A series of letters written to my not-yet-adopted daughter. (Here’s the first one.)

Death Wears Purple Tennis Shoes– Join our journey as we train for the Chosen Marathon in October 2012 to raise funds for our adoption

Welderbeth’s Bi-Weekly Distractions– Every few weeks, I’ll put up a blog of interesting links and articles that I’ve found

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