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Dear Son: Tomorrow We Meet You

Hey there, tiny dancer-

You know what’s crazy? I get to meet you tomorrow. As in, hold your hand and hear your voice and see how tall you are (which the kids at church felt was the most important thing to know). We’re still kind of walking around in a daze, like it’s a dream. This two year adoption journey can’t really be almost over, right? Are we really going to meet you tomorrow?

All the way back when we got licensed (in March), your dad and I went on a long walk because we were wigging out and we talked about how there are moments in life where you can almost feel the pages of your life about to turn to a new chapter.

The seconds before you enter the doors of your high school for the first time

The seconds before your name is called to walk across the stage at graduation

The seconds before the doors open for your bride to walk down the aisle

The seconds when you stand on the porch with a key in hand before you open the door to your first house

In those moments, all you can really do is take a deep breath, give thanks for all the things that the previous chapters have taught you, and, when it’s time, step into the new one.

Tomorrow, at 1:00pm, we will sit in your elementary school cafeteria as your talent show begins. I will be crying my tiny, baby eyes out and the other parents will be thinking, “What is wrong with that high school student?”

The emcee will call your name.

Dad and I will take a deep breath, give thanks for all the things that our previous chapters have taught us.

You will take a deep breath and walk out on stage.

And the pages of our lives- mine, dad’s, and yours- will turn to a new chapter.

We can’t wait.



PS- Hopefully, the second paragraph of this new chapter does not begin with me gathering you up into my arms and weeping uncontrollably, but I make no promises.

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